Carpet Shampoo Review; What is Good and What Will Hurt You

Hoover Deep Cleansing Carpet Upholstery Detergent

I was on the hunt the other day for some shampoo for my carpet steam cleaner and ended up doing a couple of days worth of research just trying to figure out all the options that are out there. There are some that are approved by 3M not to void your scotch guard warranty, some that contain very toxic chemicals, some that don’t clean so well, and some that are considered “green” and environmentally friendly as well as same for your family.

With all of that information out there it was really hard to figure out what is really the best type of carpet shampoo for cleaning my carpets. Well, after sifting through all this information I decided to sit down and review the best of each category and assemble a sort of plan of what was the best and who each would best suit.

Hoover has two different lines of their carpet cleaning products. On line, their standard grade is called their Premium line and their other, the top line, is called the Platinum Collection. The subdivided into both lines they have different formulas for pets, deep cleansing, or multi-surface cleaning.

Some of the pet products do contain enzymes that will help break down organic pet messes, but there are products specifically designed on the market to do pet mess cleanups that will more than likely work better than one of the all in one product solutions. We’ll get to some products later in the article that will hand pet mess clean up much better.

Hoover Platinum Collection Pet Plus Carpet-and-Upholstery Detergent

Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Shampoo


Hoovers Platinum Collection is a professional grade carpet shampoos that claim to remove some of the well know toughest stains in the industry; like wine, coffee, grease, and cosmetics. Users that have reviewed these products do say they clean exceptionally well.  All these products are approved by the rug and carpet institute.


These products do get really good reviews from users. But, in some cases, the price is over twice the amount per fluid ounce as their premium grade. At twice the price they should clean twice as good. That seems unrealistic to me. If you want a professional cleaning product, there are some that can be purchased on the retail market.

Hoover Premium Pet Formula Detergent

Hoover Premium Carpet Shampoo


As Hoover’s basic carpet shampoo it seems to perform reasonable well, and at a fairly good price for a gallon of solution. Their deep cleansing formulas is strong enough for cleaning heavy soiled carpets, but gentle enough to clean upholstery and drapes. It also includes a FiberCoat protectant which cleans as it protects. These seem to be an effective, but yet fair valued product.


These are the basic carpet cleaning shampoos. So, professional quality should not be expected here.

Bissell 2X Pet Stain and Odor Advanced FormulaBissell 2X Carpet Cleaning Shampoo


Bissell has a good healthy green policy going on and almost all of their products are earth and health friendly with almost no phosphates, dyes, or heavy metals which are often linked to health hazards and environmental destruction. These products are also listed by the EPA for their DFE (Designed For Environment) program. Bissell has several scented product if you prefer different scents on your cleaned carpeting. Many of these products get excellent reviews and should do an excellent job cleaning your carpeting. According to Bissell the use of their Professional grade products, with the Scotch Guard protection, and using one of their carpet cleaning machines does not void the Scotch Guard warranty on your carpet.

They also have a line of unscented for those who have allergies for certain scents. Their packaging contains 25% post consumer plastic.

Bissell also has their own line of Professional grade cleaners that do have a Scotch Guard additive to protect your carpets from spills.


The same problem exists with the Bissell Professional grade products as with the Hoover products, they are twice the cost as their standard line of cleaners and I wonder if the added price will add extra value to the cleaning process.

Magic Potion Professional Carpet Cleaning Pre-Spray and DetergentThe Magic Wand line of Carpet Shampoo


Magic Wand is a janitorial supply company which handles a line of professional grade carpet shampoos. All of these products get great reviews from previous customers and are designed to break down and extract some of the heaviest stains. These products have dilution ratios of up to 64 to 1 and can be mixed in heavier solution for spot cleaning of heavy stains.

Their Trashed Neutral product is a prespray and detergent all in one.  It is gentle enough for cleaning on upholstery and drapes, but yet heavy duty enough to tackle carpets in restaurants and bars.


These are a professional cleaning product so they are sold in larger quantities and because of their dilution ratios you probably will have quite a bit left over if you only clean your carpets once a year.

Although some products are listed as being safe for both upholstery and carpeting, I would use caution and test surfaces first before using on entire piece. Some of their products are formulated with citrus which can be acidic and could possibly harm certain materials.

Some of their products contain very high PH levels and extra safety precautions may be necessary.

Biokleen Carpet Shampoo

Biokleen Carpet and Rug Shampoo


This is truly a “green” carpet shampoo. It is non toxic, biodegradable, all natural shampoo. It has no artificial colors, or fragrances which mean it can be friendly to those with allergies. It contains all natural surfactants with extracts from coconut and corn. Although these are considered a professional grade cleaner, they do not contain some of the high PH caustics that other cleaners have.

Their product line varies for different applications or types of messes that need to be cleaned up. They are also safe for natural fibers such as wool or cotton.


Some users reported that since it is a green cleaner they did not feel it did the same quality of job that a chemical cleaner could have done, but was happy with the fact that there were no chemicals in the cleaner.

Nature's Miracle

Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover


Nature’s Miracle is an enzyme based pet stain and odor remover which actually breaks down organic messes to leave no odor or any mess behind. I have used similar products before and the enzyme based products are the only ones that have totally eliminated smells and mess. I believe these are a must for any pet owner to have in their pantry.


Because this is an enzyme based cleaner you may still want to use a regular carpet shampoo to clean the entire floor. I don’t believe in universal products that can do it all. This product may be harmful to some materials so testing an inconspicuous spot before cleaning the entire area is a good idea.

Carpet cleaning products can come with a wide variety of uses as well as well as several levels of cause for concern. The user really needs to weigh the importance of eco-consciousness vs. the need to have chemically cleaned carpeting. Although the “green” eco-friendly cleaning products are getting better every day, many don’t believe that they are as good as the standard chemical cleaners used for so many years.

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  1. Steven jernigan
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    What Is a great shampoo to use to get out blue dye that have been sitting for about a week

  2. MPCustoms
    5 years ago

    Great information, thank you. We bought a steam cleaner for our garage trying to get some of the daily crud out. The normal shampoo did a nice job, but still need something a little stronger. So your information helped us greatly.


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